The Well-Bred Weakness Of The Masses From the Preservation Society’s  point of view, a ruling class society is, among other things, a society of nurtured cowards who get “tough” with, or at least shun, those who don’t follow along. The individual is bred to have a weak ego. We need insecure individuals who suffer to […]

The relationship between the ruling class and its masses hinges upon, among other things, the ruling  class’s ability to translate its agenda into policies acceptable to the masses. This feat requires the individual to actively work against their own interests — ideally with an abundance of enthusiasm and patriotism. We marvel at the willful ignorance […]

In October 2013, Jonathan Gruber, an MIT economics professor, said at a conference held at Wharton Business School, “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage,” and “…. basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass.” “Dr.” Gruber was talking […]

Call of the Wild

A unit of consciousness becomes alienated  from the Great Whole. It feels vulnerable. It becomes aware of its condition and feels compelled to control its environment. Before long the unit of consciousness challenges the Whole for supremacy, confusing it with security. But the unit cannot “conquer” reality. It is forced to compromise, and finally finds harmony […]

Attitude is everything. It is a constant battle for the hearts and minds of the individual of the masses and for the continued privilege of the ruling class individual.

The individual is the most basic unit of ruling class society. One cannot divide society further without damaging either. The Supreme Executive, Our ruling class guiding spirit, hates and needs this creature.