Attitude is everything. It is a constant battle for the hearts and minds of the individual of the masses and for the continued privilege of the ruling class individual.

The individual is the most basic unit of ruling class society. One cannot divide society further without damaging either. The Supreme Executive, Our ruling class guiding spirit, hates and needs this creature.

At the beginning of every session of the Ruling Class Preservation Society, We offer up a prayer for the Supreme Executive and the status quo. The chairman of the proceedings reads out the Invocation. With every “let it be so” and “amen” a chorus of voices rises up from the gathered members, followed by each […]

An Ruling Class Effective Tool The “glass ceiling” is a ruling class consolation prize. We keep the status quo, the masses get to break this coveted social “impediment”. Obama was our first black president. Clinton could be our first female president. And The Donald could be our first orange-headed president. There have been many red-headed […]

Superior beings do not have to work hard. Truly superior beings almost never do. Virtues of Idleness They say God created the world in 7 days. We contend he didn’t lift a finger. But many object. They tell us, “it shows the miracle of Creation, that is beyond hard work!” That is not so, we […]

When people don’t have access to power, they don’t have power. The Preservation Society neglected to include this proposition in Ruling Class Axioms. In many ways this principle lies at the heart of ruling class society. Elections, whether for presidents or Brexit, are more or less founded on the idea that the rank-and-file are of […]

The label is a wondrous development in the evolution of the ruling class. It is a form of thought that takes away the need for actual thinking. The label, in fact, replaces thinking with its short comforting familiarity of definition tailored to sooth the insecure individual and justify their “thoughts” and “opinions”, while delivering the […]


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