The Great Disparity and the Three Primal Divisions

The Great Disparity

The fundamental underlying condition of all ruling classes regardless of culture, geography, time, political and economic systems, is that of social wealth and power disparity, namely the rich powerful few versus the unprivileged many. This difference is what We call the Great Disparity. It works the other way around as well. A society afflicted with the Great Disparity implies that it suffers from the ruling class tumor/parasite. The Great Disparity is the most fundamental property of ruling class society. Whether the state is totalitarian or a “democracy”, the existence of the rich few and the rest forces society to follow the logic of the Great Disparity, which is above all protection and promotion of its ruling class interests.

We see this in the U.S. of course. Many a lower order individual will claim that “our democracy” is genuine, that all “we” need to do is tweak it, or abolish taxes, and it will start working for the masses. The Preservation Society believes it should be readily understood by the lower orders that the presence of the Great Disparity automatically means their democracy is regulated by, and subject to, a ruling class.

The Great Disparity is a guide post. If one were looking only at wealth statistics and saw a great disparity in the numbers, the knowledgeable individual would understand a ruling class of some sort lurks, that they must be on guard. Further, one may gauge, very generally, the relative power of the ruling class by the Great Disparity. The larger the discrepancy, the more divergent the interests of the ruling class and its masses are, and the more powerful it is. The greater disparity, the bigger and more overarching the ruling class will be, though “bigger” does not necessarily mean in size but in influence and command control.

The Three Primal Divisions

The Great Disparity disrupts and alters the dynamics of relationships. In great antiquity society was a partnership society with the mother as guide and ultimate arbiter and nature as the font of all. Egalitarianism, the mother and nature — things antithetical to the ruling class imperative. Thus, when the ruling class takes over in a society, and the Great Disparity sets in, it emits the fumes of primal divide and conquer that negate those things hostile to domination. The parasite injects its toxins into its host.

1) Division of ruling faction from society

Once it emerges, the ruling faction no longer (or if it was an invading force, never) had a unifying relationship with its society. The ruling class minion’s interests are no longer like those of the individual of the mere masses. In fact, they are threatened by the lower orders, for it is on their backs that they enjoy their power and domination, it is only because the masses feel they must tolerate it for one reason or another. Society becomes convinced that it is natural for a small group of individuals to exploit the rest of society for its own sake, and therefore, accepts the divine separation of the ruling class from the rest as inherent in society, unaware of its anti-democratic and hostile character. Above all, the lower orders are completely unaware this cleavage between a powerful minority group from society is thoroughly avoidable.

2) Division of society from nature

The ruling class separates society from nature, for the ruling class is unnatural itself. The Great Institution of the ruling class strips nature of authority and appropriates it for itself. God replaces nature. Nature is to be subdued and “improved” by “man” by the authority of God, who gave him dominion over all of it. Animals become props for the virility of the male. The division between society and nature gave the ruling class a freer hand in dealing with its environment without considering its well-being. It is being forced out of Eden and into the world of original sin, “suffering” and toil.

3) Division of woman from society

Woman is oppressed for the good of the ruling class. As We’ve mentioned in previous posts, the mother/child bond was the original sacred bond. The female’s energies and ways of interacting with the world are in conflict with the patriarchal drive of the ruling class. This zeitgeist had to be eradicated. Women were separated from society, not to be seen. Matrilineal lines gave way to patrilineal. Women were isolated from their families and society. She was put under the control of man. She was oppressed by her male peer, which also increased his burden. Instead of a partner, he had a breeder who required food and shelter, and who was rendered helpless with his mostly unwitting complicity.

The Divisions represent the fundamental social fissures that must occur for the ruling class to grow and thrive. They break down the powerful immunity of a healthy and wholesome body. They encourage alienation among the masses. The Divisions set various parts of society against each other to weaken them for easier management, and to remove impediments that may retard ruling class growth.

The Divisions work together and reinforce one another. They never come alone. Nor is any Division more primary than the others, and none are possible without the others. They all emerge together with the appearance of the Great Disparity which comes from the establishment of the ruling class. Upon this foundation, the ruling class builds up later generations of divide and conquer that further split the divided masses. This is where the bulk of social complexity comes from in our society. The human race is bred by the ruling class to accept it.

In a ruling class society, hardships, suspicions, greed, fine print, toil, etc., start with inhaling the toxic fumes of primal division. The Divisions are part of the apparatus of delusion and acceptance that allows the parasite ruling class to call its exploited and abused masses to its aide. The masses, of their own accord, may create their own divisions impelled by the mistreatment of the ruling class and directed by the Primal Divisions that guide them.

We encourage the reader to look for the Primal Divisions around them and in their own heads. Can the masses get wise to this and seek unity?


  1. Jerry Kays · · Reply

    Do these expose’s somehow make it “all right” that we, the masses, are so victimized? Does this action serve as the required “official notification” that serves such justification in that we have been warned and now it becomes our responsibility to do something about it or accept some complicity of some twisted sort?


    1. Its always been your responsibility to check the ruling class whether We expose anything or not.


  2. A well crafted summary of the past, present and perhaps future of Social Engineering the Masses.
    Especially striking is the transformation of both men and women and the subject of gender identification.
    The issue of nature, through such vessels of first, Global Warming and now Climate Change are a perfect example of said engineering.
    Right now we are in a Maunder Minimum from 2015-2055 or mini ice age, the last one from 1645-1715 when the Thames in London froze over for several years. If you look for paintings during that period you will see festivals on the river that took place for several years. Having said that, this is a solar cycle that has been studied right back to 1000 AD that reflects the reduction of solar flares and radiation on earth with the consequence of cooling of the planet for several years. The real scientists like Valentina Zharkova and many others, physicists, astronomers, geologists have published these findings all over the world only to be put down by the controlled media and so called Climate Experts while at the same time refusing to debate the findings so the cash flow remains intact from the globalists Carbon Tax scammers.
    Interesting since the summary from the Maunder Minimum crowd point serious consequences of this cooling into the future, especially in the Northern hemisphere of crop failures, famine, social unrest and a large amount of disease and death. Studies have also shown an increase in volcanic activity, floods and drought during these events.
    Having studied this and continue to do so, I have come to the opinion that, “they”, are quit aware of all this and it’s all part of the game of population control and reduction. And I have stopped trying to explain or inform other than in forums like this, of any of this to my friends or acquaintances.
    Like all the manufactured movements, with their group slogans, and lack of individual thought and reasoning who listen with their mouth, they for the most part lost to the beginning of fascism and collectivism.


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