About this site

This blog is the nonpartisan creation of the Ruling Class Preservation Society (RCPS), an organization of privileged citizens concerned about social stability. To learn more about the RCPS and our philosophy, visit the RCPS page.

The Ruling Class Observer endeavors to promote the ruling class point of view. But we are not interested in the particular views of our fellow ruling class-mates. We are, rather, interested in the ruling class as an institution, an organization, an organism that has its own logic and will, independent of its members. We believe that respecting The Great Institution and how it functions will lead to a more stable, healthier longer-lasting society.

We hope that looking at the ruling class in this way will demonstrate to both the privileged order and the masses of the need to manage the Ruling Class institution for a healthy society.

The Preservation Society wants all of society, ruling class and its masses alike, to recognize the ruling class as the dominant factor that shapes their lives. The Great Institution is like the sun shining over nature, ubiquitous in the societies it dominates. No one is exempt. By understanding the true nature of the ruling class and its lower orders, it is hoped that the loyal masses would not be so taken in by ruling class rhetoric.

The loyal individual of the masses ought to learn that they need not accept everything the Establishment tells them, and that much of the system they have been conditioned to accept is geared toward controlling them and taking what the ruling class can from them. The Preservation Society believes that understanding the basic relationship between the ruling class and its masses would make it easier for the latter to join in the push back when the ruling class proposes policies harmful to the fundamental stability of society.

Let us work together, masses and masters alike, to guide the ruling class ship through the stormy waters of its own greed and corruption. Let us work together with good will before the masses begin to question their faith in their ruling class, and the necessity of a ruling class all together. For better or worse we live and act under one. Let’s deal with it.

Let us cooperate to preserve a healthy social stability for all — ruling class, middle class and poor alike. That is The Ruling Class Observers goal. It should be everyone’s.

Thank you.

You can contact Us at Regensordo@gmx.com.


  1. Jerry Kays · · Reply

    Somehow I posted this (again) on my own site … Great Info, needs to be shared far and wide ….


  2. I adore your wordpress theme, where would you down load it from?


  3. Oraneg · · Reply

    Here is all that matters.

    Is the RCPS about Service to Others, or Service to Self?


    1. It is service to self (RC) by recognizing that the masses need to be smart and push back.


      1. Oraneg · · Reply

        OK. Let me be more specific, regensordo.

        Are your aims directed at service to self, or service to others?


        1. Oraneg · · Reply

          Further specificity.

          Are you personally about service to self?


          1. The RCPS is about seeking the preservation of society for the sake of the ruling class. We encourage the masses to be more independent minded for that is the only thing that will save society.

            This perhaps comes out as service to others because the masses can’t seem to figure it out themselves. They need help.


            1. Oraneg · ·

              “for the sake of the ruling class” = Service to Self (the ruling class), not Service to Others (“the masses”).

              The number one thing that the masses are slowly but surely beginning to figure out is that the ruling class is not looking out for the interests of the masses.

              That realization is speeding up now, and will speed up exponentially once the ruling class engineers another “financial crisis” and then tries to start a world war to keep the masses occupied, while the ruling class profits from war.

              This is not going to end well for the ruling class.

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  4. earthling1 · · Reply

    The Ruling Class Spirit shall extinguish itself due to Climate Catastrophe.
    The Ruling Class requires masses to rule over.
    In the absence of the masses, the Ruling Class will consume each other.
    This will be so.

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  5. Brilliant, insightful, biting… keep ’em comin’… whoever you are. I have many questions, but this public forum is not the place to ask. Ball is in your court. Peace.


  6. I graduated from a well known University with a Masters degree in Anthropology. When you study the development of mankind you see the same organizational systems over and over. SOMEONE will be come the leader…and a ruling class will emerge. This all became prevalent with the advent of a agricultural based life style. People stopped wandering around and had more free time. Trade developed and then “money” came into being. The ruling class makes their money off of money. They would like nothing more than to have the ENTIRE world using ONE electronic currency which THEY control. And THAT`S where we are headed.

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  9. regensordo, surely you are way off piste here? As I understood it, the ultimate aim of the ruling class is to enslave the masses completely, but to do so in such a way as to make them love their servitude. Surely this is a more effective way for The Great Institution to service both its superficial and institutional interests than the delicate balancing of those interests required to keep the masses at just the right level of resistance to keep destructive ruling class impulses in check without significantly altering the status quo? As Aldous Huxley wrote in a letter to George Orwell:

    “The philosophy of the ruling minority in Nineteen Eighty-Four is a sadism which has been carried to its logical conclusion by going beyond sex and denying it. Whether in actual fact the policy of the boot-on-the-face can go on indefinitely seems doubtful. My own belief is that the ruling oligarchy will find less arduous and wasteful ways of governing and of satisfying its lust for power, and these ways will resemble those which I described in Brave New World.”

    Perhaps you are right and society will be torn apart before the powers that be reach their holy grail, the willing enslavement of the masses, which will allow them to reign unchallenged in perpetuity. For my part, I feel we are already there, i-pod, i-pad, i-phone, i-slave: Technology, the new opium of the masses. Turn on, tune in, drop out. The new order is already here, it just hasn’t quite solidified but we’re close to the point of no return.

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    1. The Preservation Society realizes it will NEVER completely subdue its masses because it must deprive them for the ruling class’s sake. It would be nice if the lower orders loved their servitude, but that’s not realistic. All means of control — Orwell or Huxley — are welcome and used.

      Mitigating and/or preventing public disturbance should be the priority. The holy grail is a balance. In that sense there is no “holy grail” but a constant vigilance.

      The ruling class will not voluntarily compromise without being pushed. The masses need to push back.

      As for the chances of economic and climate collapse vs ruling class “victory”: victory is a delicate balance. It is probably too late climatically. Collapse seems inevitable. The masses are way behind the curve. They trust their ruling class too much, or don’t respect it enough. The Ruling Class Observer’s mission is to correct that.

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    2. Hubris will take care of the controlling class.

      Always does.

      No ‘pushback’ needed.

      Meanwhile, the artisan class can continue doing something interesting, as always.


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