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The Dysfunctional Functionality of Ruling Class Society

It is sad to watch the deliberate disintegration of the society that has benefited Us so much. “Us” does not refer to the little masses. Oh, no. We’re talking about those of Us for whom the masses labor and sacrifice, we who don’t have to worry about a job or poverty or saving up for […]

Links 10/10/18

From Project Veritas to the Tea Party San Francisco Jewish Federation Also Funding Far-right Fringe Groups, Not Just Canary Mission That title says it all. The SF Jewish Federation is part of the Jewish Federations of North America, a massive “charitable” organization that funds all sides of divide and conquer. They give to “anti-Muslim” groups. […]

Liberalization is not Freedom

The main illness in first world societies is that they think they have achieved “freedom”. They think they have the best of all possible worlds, flawed as it is and favoring the ruling class as it does. Every revolution that ushered in modern “democratic” capitalism was dominated by interests that had two priorities in mind, […]

The Heroes That Saved Democracy

Heroes lurking in the halls of the White House are thwarting Trump’s supposedly unhinged policies, so we are told in an anonymous opinion piece published in the New York Times. Says the unknown author who is probably the New York Times, “The dilemma — which he [Trump] does not fully grasp — is that many […]

The Commie Foil of Capitalism

While identity politics (and Russiagate) is crippling the Liberal party, the Conservative party, losing its mojo on race to Liberals, is falling hard for its other bogeyman, namely the communist hordes. The commies are somehow in charge where once there was a capitalist paradise: America The Beautiful. The reality is: society is crumbling under the […]

Help! Commies are Running My Predatory Capitalist Country

This post came to the Preservation Society as a letter of disapproval. The author is not a One Percenter but certainly well-to-do, and since he wrote it out of protest in a private letter to his boss, We feel it only fair not print his name. Communists, socialists and Marxists are the problem, not the […]

The Anti-Democratic Origins Of Capitalism: The English Revolution (Liberalism Part II)

See Part I. What were the circumstances out of which modern Liberalism was born? What real world events and interests influenced John Locke in writing his founding Liberal document The Second Treatise on Governement, with its rallying cry of “Sanctity of Property”. The major series of events that took place in that era was, of […]